Cataract Eye Surgery in Cincinnati, Ohio, Available at Apex Eye

Cataract Eye Surgery Cincinnati OH

If you think you may need cataract eye surgery and you live in or around the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio, area, then you can turn to Apex Eye, where you will receive quality, individualized care in a friendly and welcoming environment. Our team includes board-certified ophthalmologists, fellowship-trained specialists, licensed optometrists, and a dedicated support staff, who are all committed to providing you with personalized care and ensuring your vision is as clear as possible.

A cataract occurs when the lens of the eye becomes progressively clouded, causing blurred vision. Cataracts are generally the result of the natural aging process, but can also be caused by other factors such as diabetes, medications, or eye injuries. If left untreated, cataracts can result in total vision loss. Cataract eye surgery is the only way to treat a cataract that has advanced to the point of lost vision.

For patients in Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding communities, Apex Eye provides the first-rate medical and surgical care you can trust. The Apex Eye surgeons perform cataract surgeries at freestanding, accredited Outpatient Surgery Centers. These smaller, dedicated facilities are much easier for patients and their caregivers to navigate, provide greater personal attention, normally run on schedule, have state of the art equipment, and are generally more cost-efficient. During cataract eye surgery, the cloudy lens (cataract) is removed and a man-made lens is implanted in its place.  Apex Eye offers a complete range of intraocular lens options from conventional standard lenses (monofocal) to state of the art premium lenses (toric, multifocal). The Apex Eye surgeon will discuss these various lens alternatives with you and help you select the one that works the best for you.

Losing your vision or having your sight threatened can be a distressing experience. If you are experiencing signs of blurred vision or vision loss and you suspect it might be caused by a cataract, then it’s important that you visit with a trusted Apex Eye doctor in Cincinnati, Ohio, who will be able to determine whether you require cataract eye surgery. For more information, please contact our office today.