Apex Eye Offers Cataract Surgery to Patients in Cincinnati, OH & Throughout the Metropolitan Area

Cataract Surgery Cincinnati OHIf you are concerned that you may have a cataract that is interfering with your quality of life and vision, or you have been told you need cataract surgery, Apex Eye has the experienced team you can trust with your eyes.  Cataract surgery is the only way a cataract can be treated.  During this surgical procedure, the cloudy lens (cataract) is removed and a man-made lens is implanted in its place. If you have a cataract in one or both of your eyes, Apex Eye provides the first-rate medical and surgical care you can trust.  At all of our locations in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area, we have teams of board-certified ophthalmologists, fellowship-trained eye care subspecialists, and licensed optometrists available to treat cataracts and other advanced eye problems and conditions. Our highly trained staff is dedicated to ensuring that every patient we see receives exceptional medical eye care. At Apex Eye, your vision is our top priority, and we will do everything necessary to ensure your eyes are healthy and that your vision is as clear as possible.

Some of the best reasons residents of Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding area should choose the professionals at Apex Eye to perform cataract surgery include:

  • We perform cataract surgery on an outpatient basis and use advanced surgical techniques that do not require stitches.
  • We offer different lens replacement choices during cataract surgery. These include premium implant lenses (multifocal, toric) that greatly reduce or eliminate the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses after the procedure. Before your surgery, we can help you determine the lens choice that best suits your vision needs and lifestyle.
  • We perform all cataract surgeries at freestanding, accredited outpatient surgery facilities. These facilities make it easier for our patients and their families to navigate through the surgical process since patient registration, waiting rooms, surgical suites, and recovery rooms are all in one convenient location.

For more information on cataract surgery or other surgical eye procedures we perform for patients in the Cincinnati, OH, area, contact Apex Eye today. We will gladly schedule you an appointment with one of our experienced eye doctors.