Trust Apex Eye For Your Cataracts

If you think you might have a cataract that is interfering with your quality of life and vision, or have been told you need cataract surgery, Apex Eye provides exceptional medical care in a pleasant, caring environment.   A cataract occurs when the eye’s naturally clear lens becomes cloudy, causing vision to become blurry, poor night vision and possibly frequent changes in your eyeglass prescription.  Cataract surgery is the only way a cataract can be treated.

Patient-Centered Care

In addition to the expert care that the board-certified, fellowship-trained Apex Eye surgeons provide, other aspects that set us apart include:

  • We perform cataract surgeries at freestanding, accredited Outpatient Surgery Centers. These facilities are less complicated and less stressful for our patients and their families.  They are conveniently located, have easily accessible parking near the entrance, are designed to be comfortable, pleasant environments and are much easier to navigate on surgery day. These smaller, dedicated facilities also provide greater personal attention and care, normally run on schedule, have state of the art equipment, and are cost-efficient.
  • We use advanced surgical techniques that don’t require stitches.
  • We offer a complete range of intraocular lens options from conventional standard lenses (monofocal) to state of the art premium lenses (multifocal).

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with an Apex Eye ophthalmologist to have them evaluate and provide consultation regarding your cataracts or other eye concerns.