If you are interested in participating in one of our clinical studies, it is important to understand what to expect:

  • You will be contacted by our Research team when we have a study that seems to be well-suited to your ophthalmic condition.
  • You will be evaluated to make sure you qualify for the trial. This typically involves a series of questions during a phone call with our clinical study coordinator. Sometimes, we need you to come in to our office so we can do further visual testing to ensure you meet the guidelines of the study. Any testing will be completed at no expense to you.
  • If you meet the guidelines for this particular clinical trial, you will meet with our clinical study coordinator.
  • Our study coordinator will explain all of the information about this study, including treatment details, risks, benefits and your rights as a research volunteer. You will also be able to ask any questions you may have. If you would like, the physician conducting the study will also be available to discuss any aspects of the study. They can also clarify what you are consenting to as a participant in this study. We want to make sure you completely understand what it will be like to be in this study, as well as the pros and cons of participating.
  • Once you completely understand the study and have any questions answered, you will need to decide if you want to participate. If you wish to proceed, we will ask you to sign a legal document indicating you fully understand the study, what we expect of you, and the potential risks and benefits. This document is called the Informed Consent.
  • After signing the Informed Consent, you are officially enrolled in the study.
  • You will have frequent contact with our clinical study coordinator and our ophthalmologist who is in charge of the study. They will keep you informed, coordinate any office visits, and monitor you closely.