Reasons to Partner with Us

We are a comprehensive ophthalmology group practice that is well-established and highly respected in the Cincinnati metropolitan area. We have been actively involved in research since 2006. There are many reasons to partner with us for your ophthalmic research efforts, including:

  • Five sites equipped for research, with six active ophthalmologists Principal Investigators. Given the physical location of our sites throughout metro Cincinnati, there is virtually no overlap between each site’s patient populations. We are not an SMO.
  • Successfully completed FDA “routine” audits with no significant deficiencies or 483’s.
  • Use the Central IRB.
  • Maintain a proprietary research database of “opt-in” research participants, in addition to our active patient base of more than 60,000 patients.
  • Have the ability to carefully evaluate these databases to assure we can deliver enrollment goals prior to committing to a study.
  • Established track record of achieving enrollment goals on 90% of studies.
  • Consolidated support for expediting sites inquires/information, contracts and budgets, regulatory submissions.

Additional details include:

We believe these factors make Apex Eye an ideal site for research.

If you would like more information about conducting studies with us, contact:

Wendy Shoger
Director, Clinical Research Development
[email protected]
(513) 221-5274 Ext. 12