Everyone on your diabetic care team needs a full understanding of your eye issues.

Unfortunately, many diabetic patients do not have annual diabetic eye exams, and if they do, do not ask for their results to be sent to their primary care physicians.

In order to ensure appropriate eye care, a partnership between you, your primary care physician, and your eye care professional is essential. That’s why at Apex Eye, we ask for your doctor’s contact information on your first visit, and explain the findings of each visit to both you and your primary care physician immediately.

If other professionals are involved in your diabetes care, such as a Nurse Educator, Registered Dietitian, Endocrinologist, Podiatrist or Exercise Physiologist, we keep them up to date as well.

Sharing Eye Results Can Alert Your Doctor to Other Issues

If problems are found in the retina, other parts of the body may be affected. That’s why regular preventive diabetic eye exams—usually covered by medical insurance are so crucial to your overall health.

By staying in close touch with your physician, we can alert him or her to changes that may be happening in your brain, heart, kidneys or extremities. Finding these changes early can make all the difference to your health and quality of life.

Together, We Can Slow Diabetic Eye Disease

Vision loss is one of the most feared complications of diabetes. Through regular comprehensive diabetic eye exams, and compliance with your primary care physician’s recommendations, you can maintain your precious gift of sight.