Glaucoma Treatment Provided by Apex Eye to Patients in Cincinnati, OH

Glaucoma Treatment Cincinnati OH

When it comes to glaucoma treatment, Apex Eye has the experienced team of eye care specialists you can depend on in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the surrounding Metropolitan area. Glaucoma is an eye disease that is caused when fluid around the optic nerve is unable to drain properly. This creates an increase in intraocular eye pressure that can damage the nerve fibers and eventually lead to vision loss. Patients may not even realize that they have glaucoma because the condition progresses so gradually. In many cases, people do not notice that their vision is changing until it reaches an advanced stage. Unfortunately, glaucoma is irreversible and any vision loss that occurs as a result of this disease is permanent. Glaucoma can be controlled through early detection.  Treatment options can slow vision loss and prevent further damage. At Apex Eye, your vision is our top priority. We offer a full range of exceptional medical eye care services to treat glaucoma and other sight-threatening diseases and conditions.

If you are an adult living in Cincinnati, OH, regular eye exams are the best way to detect glaucoma before vision loss occurs. You should look to Apex Eye for these services because we will do everything possible to help you maintain your vision:

  • We use the most advanced diagnostic tools to detect any evidence of glaucoma very early, which allows you to begin glaucoma treatment at early stages and prevent further vision loss.
  • We apply a range of techniques that are designed to lower intraocular pressure, such as prescription eye drops, oral medications, non-invasive laser surgery, and conventional surgery, or a combination of these options.
  • In addition to our fellowship trained Glaucoma Specialist for patients with advanced glaucoma, our entire team board certified doctors has the unsurpassed training and  expertise to evaluate intraocular pressure  and provide consistent monitoring  of treatment methods.

To learn more about the glaucoma treatment options, or any of the other medical eye care services offered by Apex Eye, to patients in Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding Metro area, contact us today. Our patient-friendly and dedicated staff will be happy to schedule you an appointment with an experienced eye doctor who will provide you with hands-on patient care and a pleasant experience.