laser vision correction

Laser Vision Correction can improve your vision and change your life. But, your vision is priceless and too important to trust to just anyone. Trust your eyes to Apex Eye – where personalized care is completely handled by our dedicated, highly trained Corneal specialist, Dr. Radhika Kumar.

Since Laser Vision Correction reshapes the cornea (the front service of the eye), the advanced training of a corneal specialist adds the expertise to achieve exceptional outcomes. Dr. Kumar will handle all aspects of your care – the initial evaluation and examination, surgery, and post-operative check-ups. We believe having one physician handle all aspects of care is another important distinction in our approach.

During your evaluation, Dr. Kumar will thoroughly examine your eyes and completely your ocular health. She will examine the front of the eye to the back of the eye, to assure this procedure can be done safely. This exam will include measurement of your visual acuity and prescription as well as a dilated exam. She will also perform a complete analysis of your Cornea to determine if you can safely undergo Laser Vision Correction. This evaluation and exam typically takes at least 1 hour. Using this information, she will be able to determine the best procedure for you, the degree of correction you need, and review the latest technology and specific laser she recommends. In all cases, she will recommend the safest and most effective approach to meet your individual visual needs. There will be sufficient individualized time with her to answer all of your questions, establish a rapport with her, and address any concerns you may have.

Types of Laser Vision Correction Surgery

In the more than 20 years since its FDA Approval, Laser Vision Correction has developed into a widely accepted technology that has improved the vision of millions of patients. There are two types of Laser Vision Correction procedures: LASIK and PRK. Both procedures use the Excimer laser, a cold laser with an ultraviolet light beam, to remove the fine layers of tissue from the Cornea to reshape it and correct vision. While LASIK and PRK are performed slightly differently, both produce similar vision results allowing patients to reduce or eliminate their dependence on glasses or contacts. After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Kumar will be able to determine the best approach for you and your eyes.

This chart below compares the two procedures:

Correction TypeProcedureRecoveryIssues
LASIKFlap is made in Cornea to allow access, repositioned after treatmentShorter, Cornea relatively undisturbedLess painful, but Cornea is vulnerable while flap heals
PRKOutermost layer of Cornea is removed to allow access, grows back after treatmentLonger, Cornea surface needs to healMore painful, but no flap to worry about, small risk of scarring which is reduced by steroid drops

Cost of Laser Vision Correction

We realize there are many options for Laser Vision Correction. Apex Eye is not the least expensive Laser Vision Correction provider. Quality and service are extremely important when it comes to medical care. Carefully consider your options – you need a surgeon and practice philosophy you can trust. Your vision is priceless.