Changes Underway

As part of our ongoing effort to improve our world class, personalized care for you and your family, we are transitioning to an electronic registration process.  We listened to you and are streamlining the process to make cumbersome paper forms a thing of the past.

We will be reaching out to patients via text and email five days before your appointment to provide access to electronically register.   You will be able to provide us with the needed information completely remotely in your own home, using your own devices.  Being able to do this at home enables you to retrieve needed information, without feeling rushed in our offices prior to your appointment. This also minimizes the wait times that can sometimes happen in the offices at check-in and reduces exposure.

Once you have electronically registered and have a return visit, we can then eliminate the redundancy of having to ask you to provide all this information again.  The information you previously provided will be stored digitally and securely and then made available to you to review and update, as needed.   With our staff no longer focused on juggling all these paper forms at check-in, we strive to be more focused on you and your patient experience.