Understanding Premium Cataract Lens Options

cataractsThe Apex Eye surgeons offer a complete range of intraocular lens options from conventional standard lenses (monofocal) to state of the art premium lenses.  Premium lenses offer additional visual improvements beyond those that monofocal lenses can provide.  Today, advances in lens technology and FDA approvals have provided more premium lens options offering greater precision and the ability to dramatically improve vision.

Are Premium Lenses for Me?

Premium lens implants greatly reduce or eliminate the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses after cataract surgery.  There are multi-focal lenses that provide improved vision up close, far away, and every point in between.    There are also toric lenses that improve vision by reducing astigmatism. To truly realize the full benefit, premium lenses should be implanted in both eyes.   Premium lens implants help patients have an active, easier lifestyle with less dependence on glasses.  For patients over 40, imagine playing golf, enjoying a good book, or driving without glasses like you could when you were younger. Because your eyes are so important for everything you do, the Apex Eye surgeon will obtain meticulous pre-op assessments, as well as gain an understanding of your visual needs and lifestyle.  They will then discuss with you the best lens choice for you and your life.

Medicare and private insurers cover the cost of standard monofocal lenses.  Implanting a standard monofocal lens is considered standard of care and medically necessary.  While premium lenses offer an attractive benefit to our patients, these IOLs are outside the standard coverage of Medicare and third-party payers.  Patients, who desire an upgrade from a standard monofocal lens, will have additional out of pocket expenses beyond those associated with standard cataract surgery.