Find a Retinal Specialist You Can Trust at Apex Eye in Cincinnati, OH

Retinal Specialist Cincinnati OH

Apex Eye is the eye care practice to turn to when you are in need of a retinal specialist in Cincinnati, Ohio, or the surrounding Metropolitan area. Our team of board-certified ophthalmologists, fellowship-trained specialists, and licensed optometrists have the experience necessary to diagnose and treat a variety of eye conditions. Your vision is our top priority, so if you are concerned that you are experiencing vision impairment from a retinal disease or other retina-related condition, then set your sights higher with Apex Eye.

Our retinal specialist, Dr. Haroon Chaudhry, is a comprehensive ophthalmologist with additional extensive fellowship training focused on diseases and conditions that affect the back tissues of the eye (retina) such as macular degeneration, retinal detachment, and retinal tears.  While these conditions can be detected during a comprehensive eye exam, they need the specific knowledge and advanced training of a retina specialist to manage treatment. When you are treated by an Apex Eye retinal ophthalmologist in Cincinnati, OH, you can expect to:

  • Feel confident that your Apex Eye retinal specialist is extremely well qualified and can diagnose and gauge the severity of your specific condition, as well as provide the appropriate treatment, such as prescribing medication or performing surgery.
  • Be treated by the same Apex Eye specialist throughout every aspect of your medical eye care. If you have a condition that requires surgery, such as retinal detachment, your Apex Eye retinal surgeon will take care of your treatment from the initial evaluation and examination to pre-op, surgery, post-op, and follow-up care.
  • Feel truly cared for, because the entire Apex Eye team shares a commitment to, and a passion for, providing you with exceptional medical and surgical eye care.

For more information, and to schedule an appointment with a retinal specialist in Cincinnati, OH, contact Apex Eye today.